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                                                                                                                      DOWNLOAD HERE                                                    


                                                       for the code contact here  Skyp  live:l2mydream


Do not give a reward to Fight club members if they left the game on their own

Parsed l2top fixed

Service PA does not give a blessing for an uncompleted term, beautiful animation added

Tidied up (and appearance) sub-class manager KB

Checked and fixed all errors associated with taking a sub-class


Correction of skills id 5987, 5988

Fixed Kantsel from KB

Buying PA - work at the request of users.

Stats Olfa T-shirt fixed

Fixed Masterwork Vesper Noble Leather Set


Fixed Pailaki Barrels 61-67 deal damage to mobs around

Removed the delay when opening multisells in KB

Summon magven pets, skills, actions

Consumption of soul shots, spirit shots, host exp, according to PTS data

Returned event TVT

Minor comet corrections in terms of configs


from 10/10/2013

We prohibit the transfer of non-transferable items to your pet

All event settings are moved to a separate directory and separate files for each

Added new events such as CaptureTheFlag, DeathMatch, HuntingforSharks, L2Coins, TreasuresOfTheHerald

Changed the display of Objects by Shift + click

Display zone names at the entrance to them (only for adm)

Added HWID bay check for Olympus

Configs for the chance of crafting / doublecraft user with PA

Fixed error displaying the page of activation of subclasses

Configs for glory rates

Correct Interchangeability Chant of Victory, Victory of Pa'agrio, Magnus' Chant

Skill Transfer Pain, does not turn off if your summon was killed

Karma washing service

Issued professions from KB

Design KB changed

Personal account developed

Freya's dying stage animation (turning off the blizzard, turning on the fog)


from 09/20/2013

Lemathan skill fixed

Fixed Respawn minien Lematana

The radius of agra in Latan is increased

Missing Guard Dialog

Sound message upon purchase

Pailaki mobs must stand

Fixed bug with Raid Curse and Transfer Pain when using self

When turning off the server - do not close the client

Tanor Fortress and Archer Captain

Fixed Skill Archer's Will

Checking for a flag in a zone

Resurrection coordinates for Gludin and Giran arenas

Removed extra mob spawn

Itembroker - the correct display of listings with items (horizontal position)

Shift-click, correct display of pet statistics

Stats Drake Scout 85 lvl

Fixed Resist Full Magic Attack

Prime shop shutdown config

Added Drop \ Spoil for mob id = 22859

Implemented Personal Account

Mac Bug Config Players Love

Fix Dupa on epaulettes

Fixed auto attack by samons




[spoiler = Description of changes in the assembly for rates x50]

What will be in Alt + B?

Buffer - for 1 hour (there will be no cat and horse buffs, a song for reflex, gnome buffs, a berserk dance)
Teleport - to all major pharmaceutical locations + by city
Shop - items up to and including S80 / MP banks / runes / accessories / pets / books 83 / SA
Career - 3 professions / subclass / nobless
Craft - functions of mamons
What teams will be implemented?

.km-all-to-me to teleport the entire clan
.cfg to enable / disable autoloot / block experience / disable merchants / no carrier
.ping to select the optimal proxy server
.premium to check if all members of the group have a Premium account
Will offline trade be available?

Yes, from level 52
Will there be a premium account?

Premium account price 7 days - 120 Coin of Luck / 14 days - 220 Coin of Luck / 30 days - 320 Coin of Luck / 60 days - 520 Coin of Luck
Options for 7 days / 14 days / 30 days and 60 days will be available.
Premium account bonuses:

Will there be events?

Yes, TvT and LastHero
Mobs are the champions?

Yes, they will be up to level 75
Auto-learning skills?

Yes, up to level 81 inclusive. Except Forgotten Scrolls
Can I buy a profession?

Yes, all 3 professions are available for Aden.
1 profession 100,000 Adena
2 profession 1,500,000 Adena
3 profession 60 million Adena
Subclass / Nobless?

Sub Class 50cc or 200 Coin of Luck
Nobless 250 Coin of Luck
At what level can I write in a shout / trade?

From level 20
What is the maximum sub-class lvl?

Maximum sub-class lvl - 80



[spoiler = List of available services]

Nick Change Service

Pet name change service

Improved baby pet exchange service

Sex change service

Base Class Change Service

Sub office service

Nick color change service

Title color change service

Gentry sale service

Hero sales service

PC Wash Service

Washes 1 pc

Karma Washing Service

Washes away all the negative karma








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