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  1. Pack Lineage 2 Interlude Download for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream Description and server rates! - Rates Exp x100, SP x100, Adena x80, Drop x40, Spoil x40, Quest x20, Raid x10, QR x2 - x4. - At the start, all the characters in TOP NG. - Full buffer with profiles. - GM shop to B grade, in the presence of all the necessary consumables. - Cat professions for Adena. - TvT, DM events with valuable prizes. - Infinite nipples and arrows. - 36 buff slots, all buffs lasting 2 hours. - Mobs are champions with special currency drop. - Offline trade and craft. - Removed the weight limit in the inventory. - Weekly sieges. - The period of the Olympiad is 2 weeks. - The maximum sharpening at the Olympics is +6. - Shortened quest on Noblesse. - Republic of Belarus 2-3 hours. - Republic of Belarus, 14-16 hours. - Character settings menu .menu - The maximum sharpening on weapons - 16, items - 14. - Safe sharpening +3, Full Armor +4. - The chance of success with simple points is 55%, Bless is 60%. - The chance to get a skill with TOP drugs is 20%. - Unstuck cast time is 15 seconds. - Sub class without quest, maximum number Equipped with everything needed before the B-grade, an exchange is available champion of coins for Adena and in reverse order.