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  1. Eclipse-Pack download her for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream * Darkness of Curse / Mass: A recessed dark magical attack effect has been added. * Corpse Blast: a sign of Darkness added to the professional impact. * Vampiric fog: reuse time reduced. Glyph of Flame: This no longer overlays Totem skills. * Shilen Spirit: This no longer overlays Totem skills. * Dance of Medusa: Stunning effect no longer overlaps this skill. * Thorn Root: Reuse time has been increased. * Ghost Penetrating: Dark damage has been added over time to the effect. * Soul Whirlwind: MP cost for Magic skills reduced by 20%. * Dark Flame: reuse time has been reduced. * Rapier Skill: When the Rapier is equipped, Casting Speed is now increased by 15%. This effect applies to mastery gained at level 40. * The term for the Olympiad Warrior Ring, the Olympiad Warrior Earring, and the Olympiad Warrior Necklace has been increased from 30 days to 60 days. * H5 “The characters of the nobility can us team / olympiadstat on other players to check their Olympics points, personal records, and the remaining number of matches.” * Flame Hawk: Fire damage over time added effect. * Rain Arrows: storm damage over time the effect has been added. * Ghost Penetrating: Dark damage has been added over time to the effect. * Skill for the new Zaken Earrings. * New High Five Points. * Minor fix for “Wrong parameter count” using / location at some locations. * Burning Chop: The requirements for using this skill have all been changed to melee weapons. * Collector Experience: This skill can now be used with a sword. Additionally, there is a chance that the collector's Fortune will activate using the Crush Strike. * Dup via Action * Dup via Offline Trade * Bug for stealing things from trade through packages * Dup via mail * Protection against L2phx (verification required) * Brutus protection (Verification required) * Protection against DDOS (weak, but still at least something) * Translated configs Rev 2