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  2. Pack EMERALD Lineage 2 Interlude 1.0.0

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  4. DOWNLOAD HERE for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream Do not give a reward to Fight club members if they left the game on their own Parsed l2top fixed Service PA does not give a blessing for an uncompleted term, beautiful animation added Tidied up (and appearance) sub-class manager KB Checked and fixed all errors associated with taking a sub-class Correction of skills id 5987, 5988 Fixed Kantsel from KB Buying PA - work at the request of users. Stats Olfa T-shirt fixed Fixed Masterwork Vesper Noble Leather Set Fixed Pailaki Barrels 61-67 deal damage to mobs around Removed the delay when opening multisells in KB Summon magven pets, skills, actions Consumption of soul shots, spirit shots, host exp, according to PTS data Returned event TVT Minor comet corrections in terms of configs from 10/10/2013 We prohibit the transfer of non-transferable items to your pet All event settings are moved to a separate directory and separate files for each Added new events such as CaptureTheFlag, DeathMatch, HuntingforSharks, L2Coins, TreasuresOfTheHerald Changed the display of Objects by Shift + click Display zone names at the entrance to them (only for adm) Added HWID bay check for Olympus Configs for the chance of crafting / doublecraft user with PA Fixed error displaying the page of activation of subclasses Configs for glory rates Correct Interchangeability Chant of Victory, Victory of Pa'agrio, Magnus' Chant Skill Transfer Pain, does not turn off if your summon was killed Karma washing service Issued professions from KB Design KB changed Personal account developed Freya's dying stage animation (turning off the blizzard, turning on the fog) from 09/20/2013 Lemathan skill fixed Fixed Respawn minien Lematana The radius of agra in Latan is increased Missing Guard Dialog Sound message upon purchase Pailaki mobs must stand Fixed bug with Raid Curse and Transfer Pain when using self When turning off the server - do not close the client Tanor Fortress and Archer Captain Fixed Skill Archer's Will Checking for a flag in a zone Resurrection coordinates for Gludin and Giran arenas Removed extra mob spawn Itembroker - the correct display of listings with items (horizontal position) Shift-click, correct display of pet statistics Stats Drake Scout 85 lvl Fixed Resist Full Magic Attack Prime shop shutdown config Added Drop \ Spoil for mob id = 22859 Implemented Personal Account Mac Bug Config Players Love Fix Dupa on epaulettes Fixed auto attack by samons [spoiler = Description of changes in the assembly for rates x50] What will be in Alt + B? Buffer - for 1 hour (there will be no cat and horse buffs, a song for reflex, gnome buffs, a berserk dance) Teleport - to all major pharmaceutical locations + by city Shop - items up to and including S80 / MP banks / runes / accessories / pets / books 83 / SA Career - 3 professions / subclass / nobless Craft - functions of mamons What teams will be implemented? .km-all-to-me to teleport the entire clan .cfg to enable / disable autoloot / block experience / disable merchants / no carrier .ping to select the optimal proxy server .premium to check if all members of the group have a Premium account .whoami .offline Will offline trade be available? Yes, from level 52 Will there be a premium account? Premium account price 7 days - 120 Coin of Luck / 14 days - 220 Coin of Luck / 30 days - 320 Coin of Luck / 60 days - 520 Coin of Luck Options for 7 days / 14 days / 30 days and 60 days will be available. Premium account bonuses: x2 Will there be events? Yes, TvT and LastHero Mobs are the champions? Yes, they will be up to level 75 Auto-learning skills? Yes, up to level 81 inclusive. Except Forgotten Scrolls Can I buy a profession? Yes, all 3 professions are available for Aden. 1 profession 100,000 Adena 2 profession 1,500,000 Adena 3 profession 60 million Adena Subclass / Nobless? Sub Class 50cc or 200 Coin of Luck Nobless 250 Coin of Luck At what level can I write in a shout / trade? From level 20 What is the maximum sub-class lvl? Maximum sub-class lvl - 80 [spoiler = List of available services] Nick Change Service Pet name change service Improved baby pet exchange service Sex change service Base Class Change Service Sub office service Nick color change service Title color change service Gentry sale service Hero sales service PC Wash Service Washes 1 pc Karma Washing Service Washes away all the negative karma Xie
  5. Pack Lineage 2 Interlude

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide this morning work has been done impeccably and I like it very much Of course they want a lot of things to fix but I will start today
  6. L2Freya pack products

    can someone help me install this FREYA PACK on my computer Thank you
  7. L2Freya pack products

    everything I see in the video is all working Now that I'm checking it again I just want your help if I can make some changes
  8. Eclipse-Pack

    thank you for the Eclipse-Pack this package is safe after my test..
  9. Eclipse-Pack download her for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream * Darkness of Curse / Mass: A recessed dark magical attack effect has been added. * Corpse Blast: a sign of Darkness added to the professional impact. * Vampiric fog: reuse time reduced. Glyph of Flame: This no longer overlays Totem skills. * Shilen Spirit: This no longer overlays Totem skills. * Dance of Medusa: Stunning effect no longer overlaps this skill. * Thorn Root: Reuse time has been increased. * Ghost Penetrating: Dark damage has been added over time to the effect. * Soul Whirlwind: MP cost for Magic skills reduced by 20%. * Dark Flame: reuse time has been reduced. * Rapier Skill: When the Rapier is equipped, Casting Speed is now increased by 15%. This effect applies to mastery gained at level 40. * The term for the Olympiad Warrior Ring, the Olympiad Warrior Earring, and the Olympiad Warrior Necklace has been increased from 30 days to 60 days. * H5 “The characters of the nobility can us team / olympiadstat on other players to check their Olympics points, personal records, and the remaining number of matches.” * Flame Hawk: Fire damage over time added effect. * Rain Arrows: storm damage over time the effect has been added. * Ghost Penetrating: Dark damage has been added over time to the effect. * Skill for the new Zaken Earrings. * New High Five Points. * Minor fix for “Wrong parameter count” using / location at some locations. * Burning Chop: The requirements for using this skill have all been changed to melee weapons. * Collector Experience: This skill can now be used with a sword. Additionally, there is a chance that the collector's Fortune will activate using the Crush Strike. * Dup via Action * Dup via Offline Trade * Bug for stealing things from trade through packages * Dup via mail * Protection against L2phx (verification required) * Brutus protection (Verification required) * Protection against DDOS (weak, but still at least something) * Translated configs Rev 2
  10. websites dwnload her free
  11. L2Freya pack products

    for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream
  12. Pack EMERALD Lineage 2 Interlude 1.0.0

    for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream
  13. H5 L2Mythras Files - Sources, Compiled, Geo, Patch.

    for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream
  14. Pack Lineage 2 Interlude Download for the code contact here Skyp live:l2mydream Description and server rates! - Rates Exp x100, SP x100, Adena x80, Drop x40, Spoil x40, Quest x20, Raid x10, QR x2 - x4. - At the start, all the characters in TOP NG. - Full buffer with profiles. - GM shop to B grade, in the presence of all the necessary consumables. - Cat professions for Adena. - TvT, DM events with valuable prizes. - Infinite nipples and arrows. - 36 buff slots, all buffs lasting 2 hours. - Mobs are champions with special currency drop. - Offline trade and craft. - Removed the weight limit in the inventory. - Weekly sieges. - The period of the Olympiad is 2 weeks. - The maximum sharpening at the Olympics is +6. - Shortened quest on Noblesse. - Republic of Belarus 2-3 hours. - Republic of Belarus, 14-16 hours. - Character settings menu .menu - The maximum sharpening on weapons - 16, items - 14. - Safe sharpening +3, Full Armor +4. - The chance of success with simple points is 55%, Bless is 60%. - The chance to get a skill with TOP drugs is 20%. - Unstuck cast time is 15 seconds. - Sub class without quest, maximum number Equipped with everything needed before the B-grade, an exchange is available champion of coins for Adena and in reverse order.
  15. H5 L2Mythras Files - Sources, Compiled, Geo, Patch. Patch. sources System contact me code
  16. Pack EMERALD Lineage 2 Interlude 1.0.0

    EMERALD Pak is an ideal solution for the Lineage 2 Interlude x100 PvP-Craft based on Lucera2 and GVBITS servers. All NPCs are implemented: Gm Shop, GK, Donate Shop, Buffer, Auction, Symbol Maker, Warehouse, Oly Manager, Event Manager, Class Master. All NPCs are manufactured under the Emerald-emerald color package theme. NPC background with beautiful bright movement from top to bottom light flux! All bypasses have been registered, as have all multisells. The pricing policy was used by the x100 server This is a complete npc suite for craft-pvp x100 servers. All you need to do is make a few cells! The PSD source and the font used for the logo are also added to the file. download here contact admin to get the code
  17. L2Freya pack products

    download it here
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